State of Hessen: toleration proceedings for internet sports betting

The state of Hessen, as the first German country, has started an initiative for the toleration of sports bets on the internet.
Operators of existing sports betting offers may apply by submitting the required documentation until 15th of November, 2016. New operators may also apply at a later time.

Requirements to the applicants arise from the E-16-proceedings, applicants may reduce their particular burden of proof by reference to already provided documents.

Toleration will be granted for a security bond of 367.900 €, provision of the required documentation and, in case of foreign residing operators, a gambling licence granted in the residing country.

Offerors not obtaining toleration after completion of the proceedings are in danger to be fined with up to 500.000 €.

A brief summary of requirements and points of discussion will be provided in the upcoming Chevron-newsletter.