Italy: Tender for licences postponed to late Autumn

The much-anticipated tender for the gaming licences, already subject to an extension in 2022, which will expire at the end of this year, will be almost certainly called this Autumn.

The prediction of this possible deadline is based on the technical steps that such process needs to follow.

ADM, the Italian Customs and Monopolies agency and supervisory authority for gambling in Italy, will transmit the technical specifications required by the licences to the European Commission. These are defined mainly by SOGEI, the IT company fully owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, and are contained in the section regarding the gaming technological platforms of the decree at the moment discussed in Parliament.

This decree should be approved in March, however, delays are always possible due to last minute amendments. The bill will be then sent to the Council of State which is believed will be not a major obstacle.

The bill will also be transmitted to the European Commission for the so called 3 month “standstill period” during which opinions and observations may entail interventions delaying further the conclusion of the process.

Once received the green light from the Council of State and the European Commission, the call for tenders will be published on the Italian Official Journal.

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