New Digital Identity Wallet – The European Parliament Approves Regulation

The European Parliament has adopted the regulation amending the eIDAS Regulation and providing for the creation of a New Digital Identity Wallet which will allow citizens to identify and authenticate themselves online without having to resort to commercial providers.

Used on a voluntary basis, the EU wallet users will be provided with free qualified electronic signatures, the most trusted, which will have the same legal standing as a handwritten signature, as well as wallet-to-wallet interactions, to improve the fluidity of digital exchanges.

The wallet will be open-source encouraging transparency and innovation and enhancing security. To ensure accountability and traceability, stringent rules will be set for the registration and oversight of the companies involved.

Via a so-called privacy dashboard, users will be able to have full control of their data and will be able to request their data be deleted, as provided for under the GDPR.

The EU believes that this regulation, directly applicable, unlike Directives, will put citizens in full control of the use and sharing of their data, revolutionizing the way online services are accessed and utilised.

In relation to the gambling industry, the e-ID will provide players with an easy and secure option to confirm their identity, therefore streamlining the entire onboarding process.

To become law, the regulation will now have to be endorsed by the EU Council of Ministers.

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